Midwestern & Pacific Coast Synchronized Skating Sectional Championships | Know Before You Go - Shared screen with speaker view
Michelle Riederer
Should our bus drivers also submit a test prior to departure?
Cassandra MacDonald
What about skaters that have medical exceptions while on ice?
Marjorie Bryen
Test results summarized on cover page but also need a hard copy of each team member's actual test result. Is that correct?
Margie Kenny
If skaters travel with families does the testing apply to all family members attending the competition?
Kameryn Furman
Do skaters need to have their vaccination record on hand to turn into USFS if there is an exposure on the team?
David Beuther
Since PCR has a very high rate of false positivity for infectious virus, will USFS consider PCR Ct value >30 (if available) as negative PCR, or can a PCR positive asymptomatic skater take a subsequent rapid test and be allowed to skate if it is negative?
Andrea Hall
for the attestation form, we are an open adult team we do no have an assist coach or team manager.
Danielle De Buhr
What is the rationale/science for having them wear masks for competition if they are more than 6 feet apart from spectators, judges, etc. and skating near each other for such a short time.
David Beuther
We have a skater who will be 5 months after 2nd dose Pfizer just a few days before competition. Do we have to vaccinate them just a day or two before competition to be UTD with vaccine and exempt from quarantine, or is there any grace period? I recommend 2 weeks b/c booster w/in 2 wks won’t help anyone for competition.
Amy Yuengert
For teams in divisions that do not automatically advance to Nationals - worst case scenario and we have a bunch of positive tests - I understand that we can skate with less skaters, but is there any petition process that could be completed if we are in a worst-case-scenario spot? We've seen divisions at non-quals go from 6 teams competing to 3 teams competing really quickly...
Karen Wiesmeier
If flight is canceled and tests are based on our original departure date will that be a problem or will our negative tests be honored?
Christine Poletto
For skaters that are rostered but not skating/attending - do we just need to note in the cover letter that they are not attending?
Erin Donovan
On the schedule, warm up areas were shown for unofficial ice and competition. Are warm-up areas available for official practice?
Jo Czuhajewski
Please confirm so we are sure what day is day 1 of the 10 day. If someone tested positive tomorrow Jan 19, the 10 days would end on Jan 28 and they could compete on Jan 29th.
Liz Smith
If parents are watching practices Wednesday, do they need to present their negative covid test to get into the arena?(midwest)
Christine Poletto
Confused on whether it’s an option to NOT wear masks during the team’s on -ice competition skate? Can you please quickly clarify? Aware that it is an option to wear just the surgical mask.
Kameryn Furman
If a team petitioned to qualify for U.S. Champs and it was approved, would that bump out another team from the same division/section?
Haley Fuller
If someone tested positive today and we’re leaving the 28th, is today day 0 or day 1?
Nicole Buddie
On ice awards are only for qualifying divisions correct?
Deanna Willmarth
if we have a positive test in the next few days? can you define close contact as to exposure for a positive test?? are they exposed 24, 48 hours from the positive test? or no matter what they are considered close contact within that 10 day window and the vaccination rules apply?
Rui Yang
Can you pls send out a copy of team logistics and registration docs?
Tj Baseley
If families bring an infant - does infant require testing. i.e what age does testing need to begin for spectators
Jenny Gibson
What are the restrictions for children under 12 attending to watch
jaime kalnicky
Do you think there is any possibility they may change the mask requirement for the performance time as it is less than 5 min?
Tj Baseley
if a test result comes back inconclusive- what is the recommendation?
Stephanie Tolhurst
just to confirm, Wednesdays practice ice does not need a ticket, but Thursday and Friday practice ice does require a ticket to enter.
Ellie Nielsen
Do coaches also need a clear bag to enter? or are we in the same boat as skaters with our bags?
Ellie Nielsen
Do they need to be 2 weeks post booster?
Marjorie Bryen
Are we recommending that teams shouldn't plan to stay and watch other divisions compete?
Megan Statz
We are an adult team with skaters who are parents of skaters competing earlier in the week. Are they able to get their credential prior to the team checking in since the rest of the team won't be departing until later in the week?
Stephanie Tolhurst
Will you give the parents/siblings that are traveling and included in the tests turned in at registration a wrist band or such to show that they are good for when they arrive for practice or competition?
Ellie Nielsen
If we have less than the required number of skaters for the division, but it is due to the fact that those parents/skaters do not want to travel and attend vs a negative Covid test, is that still an acceptable reason for a team to skate with less than the required skaters? Curious about members who don't want to come, as well as skaters who have flight cancellations and may not be able to make it.
Susan Eckenrode
I am inquiring about bus driver admission to event. Are they required to purchase tickets?
Kimberly Idland
When will we start hearing back on a submitted questionarre?
Karen Giedeman
is the day the test/show symptoms day one?
Anna Goodman
CDC says positive test/symptom onset is Day 0: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/your-health/quarantine-isolation.html
Kristina Glisson
Is there a parking fee? Cash/Credit
Margie Kenny
Should the parent spectators check in themselves or as part of the team check in
Jo Czuhajewski
No parking fee this year
Susan Eckenrode
Team managers just asked me if there are concessions available at venue other than the box lunch? Also, I think I heard someone say earlier that water/healthy snacks are permitted. May the team bring their own bottle to fill at water fountain.
Haley Fuller
I think this is for the LOC but wanted to ask
Hyeson Busby
When you say “surgical mask” is it truly a medical mask or a disposable mask that are available on the market?
Haley Fuller
We have unofficial and official practice ice almost back to back in different rinks in the main facility—whats the best way to move around and make sure we make it on time?
Meghan Cook
Yes Concessions will be open. there is limited places to fill the water bottles. I would fill it before coming to the rink.
Christine Slagle
Do managers and service personnel need clear bags
Ellie Nielsen
Can we skate with less than required number if it is by choice of the skater? I may have missed this. We have 3 who don't really want to go.
jaime kalnicky
Ellie Nelson yes you can
Stephanie Tolhurst
Thanks for the information!
Ellie Nielsen
Thank you for all you guys are doing
jaime kalnicky