Eastern Synchronized Skating Sectional Championships | Know Before You Go - Shared screen with speaker view
Jade Fulton
Lost audio
Lois Long
its probably on your end...coming in loud and clear
Claire Marcus
For rapid tests, what is the recommended documentation format for the rapid tests? Eg a photo of negative test with skater name
Claire Marcus
Never mind, see detail on rapid test format, thank you.
Sandy Tolonen
letter of provider, please repeat what it needs to include. first date of symptoms and/or positive test but both not required, correct?
Christine Nickel
So, to clarify, if necessary, at home rapid antigen tests are allowed.
Christine Nickel
That was a question, sorry.
Nadine Machunis
Some kids or spectators who recently tested positive and quarantined for 5 days have already come out of quarantine and will not be able to satisfy your 10 day quarantine time frame. What is the protocol for this?
Marieka Cober
Are coaches being held liable in the case that parents do not disclose information about their children to coaches?
Kendra Meller
Is day 1 of quarantine the day they get their positive test result or the day they tested if it is a PCR and it took 24+ hours to get results?
Janet Rosen
What’s the testing guideline for teams where the members travel up individually and might not all be departing on the same day?
Jennifer Bacon
If you’re moving from warm up to locker room, can you wear a single surgical or do they need to add the second mask or KN95?
Taylor Kennedy
Do both people who sign the attestation form need to be present at check-in?
Gale Tanger
Teams can now use antigen? Who verifies these results?
Gale Tanger
Is there any testing during the competition? How many days before actual competition?
Gale Tanger
Who checks the 10 days?
Sarah Blosat
Thanks for all of this!
Jessica Stratton
There have been several parents wondering about the hotel situation and requirements.
Sandy Tolonen
Spectator check ins, is the 6-8PM only for Tuesday?
Kelly Requadt
6-8pm check-in is for Tuesday only. Spectators allowed in the building 30 minutes prior to start of official practice thru competition and any evening OP
Lisa Mirabito
Will On-ice referees be reminded of the Call To Start as it also applies to 6.0 teams? This didn’t happen at Boston Synchro event and caused confusion.
Heather Plotkin
If our team is not traveling in from out of state, but is staying at a hotel one night, each parent with their skater, which category do the parents fall into as spectators? Just want to clarify if they can use proof of vaccine, or if they are considered under the travel team section and will require a negative test.
Todd Bromley
Concession stand food, is it allowed to eat in stands?
Daniela Senitta
two questions please:
Daniela Senitta
1.will the skaters need to come dressed in competition dresses? and 2. for the test collection, do you prefer last name, first or first, last?
Marjory Morningstar
can you discuss the social bubble a bit more
Meredith Berkowitz
For counting the 10 days of isolation, if symptom onset is before the positive test do you measure from the onset of symptoms or from the positive test?
Meredith Berkowitz
Thx, you just answered my question re: symptoms/test and the 10-day isolation.
Marjory Morningstar
proof of vaccine. if person had 2nd vaccine in febuary 2021. is booster required ?
Barbara Pelkey
How about children under 5 as spectators?
Marjory Morningstar
please more info on the booster requirement
Cass Cross
Is it possible to get a sample cover sheet so that we are formatting it in way that works best for the LOC doing check-in?
Marjory Morningstar
if you are eligible for booster but have not gotten one ? whwre does that leave you
Marjory Morningstar
ok so thats only with a positive test thankyou
Fiona Curry
For some events we are already in the 10 day window of departure, so if a skater or personnel test positive should they complete the medical form?
Melanie Wunsch
Is there a deadline of when tickets must be purchased? For example - one or two day prior to event, thus for a Sunday event tickets are to be purchased by Friday or Saturday?
Deirdre A Wilson
If an athlete had covid in the last month, do they need their booster?
Sarah Blosat
Quick question- you are saying limiting time there- should we then be not having teams come to “cheer”.
Meredith Berkowitz
If someone has close contact exposure within the 10 days are you requiring 10 day quarantine vs the CDC only requiring 5 or none if boosted?
Meredith Berkowitz
Thank you!
Marieka Cober
Will athletes be able to participate if a teammate tests positive but they test negative at the pre-event testing?
Marjory Morningstar
sorry one more if you are exposed to covid pos person with no booster are they still non vaccinated protocol
Kristin Curran
Will we need to pick up the entire teams credentials at once? For example: if one skater tests positive and their 10 day isolation is up on the day the team is scheduled to compete, can we check in the rest of the team and then get the isolated skaters credential?
Sarah Blosat
Thank you- that helps!
Athena Lee
To confirm, if we have hard copies of PCR test results, we do not need the digital? Just making sure we do not need both. Thank you all so much!
Taylor Kennedy
For spectators that tested pos w/in 90 days is the letter an option for them? Or is a negative test required?
Marjory Morningstar
the check in link is being emailed?
Shannon Lopoukhine
Sorry, two quick questions: Skaters can wear single surgical masks on ice. Vaccination requirement for spectators only?