Teams Know Before You Go Call - 2022 U.S. Synchro Championships - Shared screen with speaker view
Marjorie Bryen
THANK YOU for no masks!
Amanda Falkowski
Our team is using vans. Will we park at the ice hall/practice ice arena for competition as well?
Kim Dawe
What if we have unofficial practice ice in the ice hall before the registration desk is open for the day and we arrive after closure the day before?
Jennifer Bacon
Do teams have to wear masks for photos?
Erin Donovan
Can you repost the slide for the hours that accreditation is open?
Charlene Lambros
Are KF94 masks acceptable for spectators?
Marjorie Bryen
Parking is where if you are not on a bus but driving cars?
Lyn Bell
1. The ticket link for spectators doesn't seem to be working, several parents have been trying to access over the past week and have been receiving error messages.2. We haven’t seen information to pre-order photos – will this be sent out?3. If the team's first UPI is at a different rink (for example Air Force), are we required to have credentials already to skate at the other practice facilities (i.e. do we have to go to gate A of BWA and check in there first?)4. Will you send out the picture of the bus pathway through BWA?5. Do we have to place an order for pins/programs somewhere or is this already included?
Christine Costa
can you re-iterate the testing procedure changes (if any) for athletes & coaches?
Marjorie Bryen
Will most of the restaurants in the arena be open during the competition for spectators?
Rui Yang
Is there bus path map for air force academy rink?
Matthew Lissauer
In regards to teams not needing masks while on the ice, does this include unvaccinated skaters?
Kathryn Liang
If we don’t have team service personnel how should we handle masks?
Alana Christie
Do spectators need to test/provide proof of vaccination?
Kati Churchill
Maybe disposable masks and a box of new masks for kids n cry?
Kati Churchill
*kiss and cry